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Redefine Your Personal Style Narrative 
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Are you prepared to show up in a way that confidently displays your expertise? Allow me to help empower you where style meets mindset and confidence. As a style mentor exclusively devoted to empowering executive women, experts, and entrepreneurs, I'm here to guide you toward embracing your authentic self and crafting the image that truly reflects your desired brand.

At Image by Courtney, my expert guidance and creative flair, will equip you to reshape your personal style narrative, aligning it with your passions, personality, and lifestyle. Tailor-made solutions will pave the way for you to create impact and leave your footprint in every space you occupy.

From sophisticated business attire to the most relaxed ensembles, you will project poise and sophistication, embracing your unique style journey with finesse.

But our journey does not end with clothing. Image by Courtney goes beyond the wardrobe. I provide invaluable insights, support, and the keys to boosting your daily confidence and the motivation you need to fully own your personal style. Whether you are stepping into high-profile events, forging partnerships, or connecting with clients, I am your dedicated partner in embracing the style that sets you apart.

It's time to shine your brightest and let your wardrobe mirror your impact.
Are you ready to step confidently into your spotlight?

Speaker + Style Mentor

hi there! I'm Courtney,

I'm Courtney Robinson, a speaker and style mentor with over 19 years of
global management experience in the biopharmaceutical industry. For the past six years, I've empowered women, driven by my desire to witness them elevate to a style that mirrors their individuality and expertise.

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My Signature Service guides you through a personalized journey of three phases:
🦋 Wardrobe Detox: Clear out the clutter and make space for confidence.
🦋 Wardrobe Refresh: Update your style with purposeful pieces that align with your message.
🦋 Wardrobe Refine: Fine-tune your look for an authentic, impactful presence.

6 weeks to the ultimate curated Wardrobe

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Style is a deeply personal expression of who you are, and every time you dress, you are asserting a part of yourself.

- Karen hilton

"Courtney absolutely blessed my socks off. I was preparing for a business photoshoot and I was flustered and too busy to look through racks of clothes. Courtney's process is thoughtful, inspiring and fun. BOOK A SESSION with her. You can thank me later."

- Nina Garcia

- Camilla Dixon

"Thank you so much for helping bring out my inner self! I highly recommend Image by Courtney!"

- Denise Wanamaker

"Wow, Courtney!!! Courtney helped me select looks for my first professional photoshoot. First, we discussed the intent of the shoot, my colors, etc. Then we reviewed what I already had. She helped me to see that I had more to work with than I thought. Courtney made sure everything was covered, including shoes, jewelry and props. She also showed up at the shoot to help me pull it all together. She made me feel like a celebrity!
Thanks Courtney!

Client Love

I'm here to help you choose looks that will clearly articulate your uniqueness. I love helping my clients wear clothes that bring out the best in them. You’ll stand out, you'll be noticed, you'll be remembered - everything you deserve with a put-together look!

are you ready to Redefine your style Narrative?