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Unlock Your Confidence 

Think of your image as a visual resume. Before you can open your mouth, someone has already sized you up. The good news is that you have control over your first impressions. Make them so on point that people are dying to hear what you have to say or offer.
 I help women curate a wardrobe that elevates their personal brand, confidence and authority in the workplace. As a trusted part of your team, I'll help you find personal style that honors what’s important to you and goes beyond having a few cute outfits in your closet, to having a curated wardrobe as authentic as you. We’ll use fashion and style as tools to elevate your brand -a key to your self-confidence and professional success.

your wardrobe confidante & image architect

hi there! I'm Courtney.

A creative and confident
personal brand stylist
with an eye for detail and
the passion for restyling your image.

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A signature program designed to help you, curate a wardrobe that elevates their personal brand, confidence and authority
in the workplace.

6 weeks to the ultimate curated Wardrobe

Reveals what it takes to:
Elevate your personal brand
Embody your style confidence
Increase your impact

exclusive Training for women

How To Transform Your Wardrobe Without Losing Your Authenticity

My exclusive Training
for women

Style is a deeply personal expression of who you are, and every time you dress, you are asserting a part of yourself.

- Karen hilton

"Courtney absolutely blessed my socks off. I was preparing for a business photoshoot and I was flustered and too busy to look through racks of clothes. Courtney's process is thoughtful, inspiring and fun. BOOK A SESSION with her. You can thank me later."

- Nina Garcia

- Camilla Dixon

"Thank you so much for helping bring out my inner self! I highly recommend Image by Courtney!"

- Denise Wanamaker

"Wow, Courtney!!! Courtney helped me select looks for my first professional photoshoot. First, we discussed the intent of the shoot, my colors, etc. Then we reviewed what I already had. She helped me to see that I had more to work with than I thought. Courtney made sure everything was covered, including shoes, jewelry and props. She also showed up at the shoot to help me pull it all together. She made me feel like a celebrity!
Thanks Courtney!

Client Love

I'm here to help you choose looks that will clearly articulate your uniqueness. I love helping my clients wear clothes that bring out the best in them. You’ll stand out, you'll be noticed, you'll be remembered - everything you deserve with a put-together look!

Lovely, are you ready to unlock your style and confidence?

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