How To Develop a Personal Style

How To Develop a Personal Style

There’s nothing better than feeling confident in your clothes, whether it’s a piece that makes you feel beautiful or a new piece of clothing that breathes life into your wardrobe. You can make your wardrobe work for your entire life by discovering styles and key elements that represent your best self. Trends come and go season over season, but what never goes away is style. Finding your style is one of the best ways to guarantee you’ll look good no matter what you wear.

7 Tips for Creating a Versatile Wardrobe for Everyday Life

Do an Annual Wardrobe Refresh

If you haven’t worn an item in a year, you will probably never wear it again. And an annual assessment and refresh keeps your closet full of pieces you’re excited about

One of the easiest ways to assess your wardrobe is by flipping your hangers in the opposite direction. If you feel torn between keeping, donating, or tossing a piece, turn them up the right way to indicate you have a use for that piece again. If you haven’t worn it after six months to a year, there’s a good chance you should get rid of it.

Additionally, look carefully at your wardrobe for any stains, pilling, tears, etc., to see if you should remove any pieces from your closet. If it’s apparent that they’ve had their fair share of wear and tear, it’s a good indicator that it’s time to say goodbye.

New space in your closet means you can add new pieces that fit in with your personal style. Ensure you’re investing in classic, well-fitting pieces rather than fast fashion trends that will disappear next year. It’s less of a waste if you splurge on the staples and add fashionable accessories such as shoes, inexpensive jewelry, scarves, hats, and purses to update your wardrobe.

Build Your Wardrobe With Fashion Staples

Find flattering colors for your skin tone, hair, and eyes, and fit your personality. Sticking to an all-black or beige wardrobe may seem out of place if you’re bright and cheery.

Laying a foundation of basics, such as button-down blouses, T-shirts, sweaters, or cardigans, allows you to play around with your wardrobe. Each piece you purchase should have the ability to be worn in multiple ways. Additionally, one way to infuse fun in your style is by finding staple pieces in new, flattering colors to fit trends and seasons. If you’re unsure which colors go best for you, a consultation may be the ticket!

Find Your Personal Uniform

Have you realized you tend to gravitate toward the same colors, patterns, fits, or pieces? Look through your closet to find pieces worn frequently and see if there is a trend. There may be a few different styles, but those trends help make your wardrobe work for your entire life. For example, your go-to pieces may include a structured T-shirt and a pair of bootcut jeans. Defining your personal uniform allows you to purchase more items that fit within your style, lasting you longer than a trendy blouse or dress you will donate next year.

Accentuate Your Style With Flattering Pieces

What you love about your body should be celebrated! Choose wardrobe pieces that accentuate your body to feel most confident. Whether it’s your hips or neck, there are many ways to highlight your best features through color, tailored pieces, or accessories.

Invest in Statement Wardrobe Pieces

There is nothing wrong with splurging on a great statement piece. Whether it’s a handbag, a great pair of heels, or a new jacket, investing in statement wardrobe pieces are a great way to liven up your style uniform.

Purchase Wardrobe Pieces With a List

Making a wishlist for your wardrobe is a great idea when sticking to a budget or staying within your style. Going to stores in-person or online with a list of items you wish to purchase will help you stick to what you need and keep you from making impulse purchases. A list also lets you remember that great skirt you bought last month but haven’t worn yet since the “right” pair of shoes hasn’t jumped out at you.

Find New Ways To Wear It

If you’re feeling stale with the clothes you have left in your closet, you can do a few things to spice up your wardrobe. The first thing you can do to change your wardrobe is to find new inspiration. Head to Pinterest or flip through a magazine to see what fashion trends stand out. Are there any pieces in your closet that can be repurposed by being worn in a new way? Experiment with textures and patterns or combine two styles to break out of the mold. Can you elevate your brunch outfit by adding something fancier or bold? If you feel confident mixing something fancy with something casual, you may have more uses for some of those wardrobe pieces that sit on a shelf waiting for a special occasion.

Whether you are headed to a board meeting or a date night, finding your personal style and making it work for your entire life is achievable. From key staple pieces such as structured jeans to statement pieces such as a coat, mixing and matching your style is easier when you are confident in the clothes in your closet. So if you could use guidance on curating your wardrobe, let’s chat!