By day, I’m an award-winning global manager with over sixteen years of experience as an influential leader of cross-functional teams for multinational biopharmaceutical companies. Before I started my career in clinical trials 16 years ago, I was working as an admissions counselor for my alma mater and moonlighting at Cracker Barrel. One day I waited on a couple who made a job referral and allowed me to use them as a reference - all based on our brief interaction. You see, they had no idea about my background, that I had a B.S. in Biology or that I was a perfect fit for this position. Their perception of me was based on my image. 

Fast forward ten years…to business school, I was in a style rut and decided to become more intentional about dressing. I studied, I emulated, I read and tried many styles and clothing lines to find what best represented me. I knew where I was going in life, and I wasn’t going to wait until I got there to start dressing the part. People started to take notice. One of my business school colleagues even said, “if you were a stylist, I’d hire you!”

And that was one of the first seeds planted that inspired me to take my creative talent combined with my business skillset and turn my passion for helping women into Image by Courtney. I knew then and I know now that there are women just like me who desire to align their wardrobe and image with their passions, personality and lifestyle – and need some help along the way.

Investing in your wardrobe is an investment in yourself. Cultivating your image has a far-reaching impact on your advancement in life. I'm here to help you with both - I love inspiring and equipping women to embrace everything good about themselves and use it to their best advantage.

I'm Courtney

Each time I help a woman show up in the world as the best version of herself, I'm leaving my footprint and that's what I love most about image coaching. 

Image matters.
Your image matters.
And I look forward to being the catalyst that helps you to put on your power.

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A few of my favorite things

There is something so soothing and refreshing about hot tea. Tumeric teas are my newest favorite!

I've grown to love morning workouts. Especially since they give me mental energy and focus throughout my day.

I'm a novice photographer and I love learning to use my Canon T6.

For the love of live music...I love concerts with my husband.

Chocolate is my love language! I love ALL chocolate but especially dark chocolate.

Thank you!

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