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ELEVATE Your Brand
IGNITE Your Image

Virtual Styling
for Women

Karen Hilton

"Courtney, you have been an integral part of my #PlayBigger strategy. For anyone who is reading this, please do yourself the favor of working with Courtney. You will be more confident, you will declutter your mind and show up in the world like you truly deserve to. Isn't it time? Yep. It's time."

kind words


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"Sartorial offal wayfarers pitchfork. Leggings vexillologist hella actually four dollar toast tilde, sartorial lyft poutine. Cardigan poke tilde, wolf artisan"

Sound like a great fit for you?

show up in a beautifully powerful way

dress their body type

discover style to suit their passions & lifestyle

tap into their creative edge

feel body confident and style confident

Virtual Styling is designed for professional & entreprenerial women who are looking to...

Customized session based on your wardrobe and styling needs.

Access to your very own virtual closet.

Done for you outfit planning.

Shoppable lookbook.

Q & A by email support where you can ask all of your fashion and style questions!

Here's what you'll get inside your Virtual Styling Session

The Virtual Styling Session is for women professionals, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, coaches, speakers, and influencers who desire to align their wardrobe and image with their passions, personality and lifestyle to show up in a beautifully power way and increase their IMPACT! Learn how to use fashion and style as tools to elevate your brand image. This is a safe, supportive and body positive space where you can refine your personal brand.

Ready to Work 1:1 with a Stylist?

The key to a refined image starts in your closet!


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